Terms of Service

Welcome to the scary page with all the rules. This page serves as a way to answer your questions and protect both parties. Yes, we have strict policies but we strive to make suits that you will love!

  • Sicka & Tenecayr

AwooForSuits' terms of service


You may contact us via Telegram (@Sicka or @Tene90), Twitter (@Sickafox) or Email (Email). Inquiries can be sent to Email. Please use the social links on this page or on our home page to reach out to us if you do not prefer Email. We will respond within 48 hours unless there is an emergency. All agreements that are made electronically are binding.

Quality Disclaimer

AwooForSuits is led by a team of makers that is still learning. We still can not guarantee that our products will be free of defects. We consider defects to be any visible rips or tears or elements that affect the wearer's comfort. We will work alongside you as much as possible to ensure that you are happy with your suit. We ask that customers contact us within 30 days of receiving their item to report any issues.

If you don‘t feel comfortable commissioning from us, we recommend you reach out to another maker that has greater experience.

Denial of Service

AwooForSuits reserves the right to deny customer service for any reason within compliance with the law. We are not obligated to disclose the reason for rejection to the customer. Reasons that your project may be denied include but are not limited to:

  • You are under the age of 18.
  • You are unreasonable or threatening.
  • Your character design is too complex.
  • Your character is offensive or represents hate symbols, bigotry, transphobia, or racist attitudes.
  • Your character is considered culturally appropriative or expresses themes that may be sensitive or controversial.
  • You are rude to other fursuit makers or have been denied from makers for any listed reason.
  • You have a history of illegal actions and interests.
  • You support pedophilia or zoophilia.

Payment & Shipping

All payments are processed through Paypal so that AwooForSuits and customers are protected. 30% of your project total is required upon the acceptance of your commission. This shall not be refundable under any circumstances. The deposit covers costs for buying materials, planning, and paying our employees.

Payment Plans

We understand that fursuits are expensive and do not want you to struggle with finances. Once your commission is approved, we will send you an invoice. Payments can be completed at any given time. However, you must not break the following rules:

The total price must be paid off before we complete the suit. We will give priority to other suits if payments are incomplete.

Payment plans will only apply to orders of multiple items. Individual items must always be paid in full.

You consent to have your payment progress be made public on Trello.

Suits are given priority in the queue in order of who has paid off the most. If you have not made any transactions, you will be stuck behind the queue. No one is exempt from this rule and can be affected even if new slots are opened.

If at any point the PayPal dispute deadline passes, we are happy to offer a refund. We want to ensure that your PayPal purchase protection is maintained. Please see Cancellations for more information if you want to cancel your order.


We understand that life happens and that you may need to cancel your commission. We are happy to accept refund requests, but we can not return the initial 30% deposit regardless of production status. Beware that a project practically finished cannot be cancelled and refunded, be it due to insatisfaction with the final product, or any other reason.


Shipping is not included in the quoted price of an item and the original invoice. Customers will be charged the amount that it costs to ship the item and for packing materials.

A receipt and tracking number will be provided electronically upon shipment. We are not responsible for damage that occurs during transport or lost packages. However, we are willing to work with you to find a solution and remedy the situation.

Attention International Customers! You will be charged appropriately for a customs fee for shippings outside of Europe. We must state the full value of your item on the customs form to legally ship it, so it is your responsibility to pay the fee. Do not ask us to claim the value at 0€. If you are not willing to pay the customs fee, we will deny customer service to you. Please be aware of your country's mailing laws and policies to avoid legal issues. Thank you for understanding and we will not be offended if you commission another maker due to this.

Quotes, Completion Times, Queue, and Slot Openings


We respond to quote requests every month.

Updates and Completion Time

We are a team but only have 2 builders in the workshop at once. We work 5/7 days a week. We post daily updates on our Telegram channel and inform customers when we decide to take the day off for any reason.

When you get a slot, you will be given an estimated completion time prior to payment. We do not work under strict deadlines to lower stress amongst our team. Items are typically completed as scheduled unless the customer requests changes or add-ons.

Slots Openings & the Queue

Customers must get a slot to purchase an item from us. The queue/waitlist is tracked via our public Trello. Customers who have completed all payments are prioritized. We reserve the right to reorder the queue as we see fit. We will ensure that changes do not affect completion times.

  • Normal Slot Opening: We announce these on Twitter and Telegram. Customers are required to fill out the quote form and then we will choose which projects to accept. All eligible customers will be notified via email on a specified date and time. The first customers to respond will get slots.
  • Convention Slot Opening: To be announced before each convention we decide to attend.
  • Auction Slot (rare): Slots auctioned via Dealers Den.
  • Raffle Slot: We offer a free fursuit head once a year that will be raffled around our anniversary.
  • Miscellaneous Slots: We may offer slots for projects that we are passionate about.

To get a Quote or commission just go to the quote form and fill it up properly. Please include any details not mentioned in the form in the description box. We will not fill incomplete forms from other sources, and will not attend quotes outside this form.

Approved Quotes, information and prices are only valid for the current opening. In order to comply with Privacy Policy and Data Protection, all information provided will only be used for communication purposes, to complete the commission, legal affairs and tax filing. After that all data will be deleted. This means future clients will need to fill a quote form again, and prices are subject to changes from opening to opening.

Warranty & Safety Information

Allergies & Materials

It is the customer's responsibility to inform AwooForSuits of any materials that they are allergic to. We the following materials: Flex-Foam IT III (expanding foam), neoprene, lycra/spandex, hot glue, plastics, and faux fur.

We have animals in the same building as our workshop.


Products are guaranteed for 60 days. If you encounter any issues, you can send your item back to us for repairs.

AwooForSuits is not responsible for any damage that the customer does to their suit including water damage or modification.

Modifying your suit may void your warranty. Please ask before you do this.

You are more than welcome to send your suit back for a touch-up. Minor touch-ups are free, but we do charge for other services. Cleaning prices can be consulted with us.

Any electrical device on your item has a 6-month warranty.

Selling an item to a third party will void your warranty.

Crafting Process

There are things we can't currently offer or simply won't do: Realistic designs, airbrush details, copying styles from other makers or any media. Certain features will not be possible to reproduce from concept to reality, take it into account when planning out your commission. If a design is not possible we will message to discuss the possibilities.

Changes are allowed. While some changes are easy to modify, others may incur an extra cost and extend your time in queue, for example to acquire new materials. These changes are also limited, in the sense that the client must be clear and decisive when asking them, preferably from the start. Asking for changes too often, or extreme changes that greatly differ from the initial project will put the slot on hold until the commission is clear and out of doubts. This can alter the preference in the queue and move your slot behind others with less preference, and even lead to cancelling the project due to it becoming not possible to complete. Any features in the design not described and/or asked for may be overlooked and we won't be held accountable for such mistakes.

Safety, Injury & Technology

AwooForSuits is not responsible for injuries inflicted while using our products. Any damage that occurs to the customer while wearing our suits is the fault of the customer.

Wear protective headgear (a balaclava will be provided to you) and Under Armour under your Full Suit.

The next statements are for the moment we start offering electrical devices addons on the head, such as lights, fans, or others.

Fans and LED lights may be installed in suits. You are required to use these responsibly and practice the following safety measures:

Using electronic devices for a maximum of 30 minutes. Allowing all devices to cool down for an hour after use.

Not tampering with or modifying any electronic devices.


Privacy Policy

We retain the right to use the personal information you provide us to ensure you are not violating our terms (see Denial of Service). This may include reviewing your social media pages. Appropriate action will be taken if your actions are not in accordance with the law. We will never use your information for anything other than to contact you, fill your order, and ship it to you.

Intellectual Property

You may not deconstruct or replicate our head bases or other parts. Parts used for eyes and paws are licensed by AwooForSuits, but all rights belong to artists we have commissioned.


The ideals reflected and actions taken by AwooForSuits do not reflect the personal opinions of its customers or team members. Likewise, the actions or opinions of our customers do not reflect those of the company.

Telegram Channel

Our Telegram group is only available to customers. You will be given a link to join when you commission us. Please be respectful and avoid inciting arguments, creating drama, using profane or offensive language, or behaving inappropriately toward the staff or customers. Failure to comply will result in your removal from the group. Do not expect a strictly professional environment. Those who wish to only receive updates may be invited to join the updates channel.

By commissioning us, you have read and agreed to these terms.