Frequently Asked Questions

Fursuit questions

We are open to all species, but those that fit better our style and materials will have better chances to get accepted.
While a reference sheet grants more chances of being accepted, a good alternative description might be allowed here and there. But beware, if different arts have different little details, we are not responsible for following one instead of the one you actually wanted.
We are strictly limited to furs we can obtain from retail. Colours may be replaced with near ones, but always after consulting with you.
Please read our Terms of Service carefully. But it is indeed possible, with proper conditions.
Sorry but fursuit styles are what define each maker, and we will work on our own until its perfect.
Our eyes are 3D printed follow-me-eyes with see-through fabric. We paint the design manually. Vision is good, as far as fursuits go.
Not yet. We do not have enough workshop space to proficiently work on a full body suit.
Yes, you can order specific parts like tails or handpaws.
Yes, we finish each part with cute lining.
If notified early, we can adapt the head to have enough space to fit glasses, but even so, it might feel uncomfortable to you. Consider using contact lens if this happens.
Not yet. We have to lab these options before we can offer them.
Not yet. We have to lab these options before we can offer them.
Never. We only work with faux fur, synthetic materials.

Shipping questions

Please read our Terms of Service carefully. But yes, we will charge you for the shipping, even after the fursuit has been fully paid.
Yes, but we will get informed on specific countries we might have doubts, before we accept the order.
Our workshop is in Madrid, Spain, and all our shippings will be sent from there.

Production questions

You are given an stimated date upon being accepted into queue, but your placement in the queue will vary depending on client's payment status. We will take action if payments are being considerably delayed, so as to not have wait times carrying over years.
For your suit updates, we will keep informing you as they happen, but you can always check our queue in Trello, which will show progress on all our current works.
Yes, we own various pets, ranging from cats and dogs to ferrets. While they are not in direct contact with our fabrics and materials, they live with us.

Quotes and queue questions

We will announce them on our telegram channel, our twitter, website and possible other social networks.
Fill our form in our website to apply for a slot. We will contact you to notify if you were accepted.
We can offer paypal and bank transfers.
Please read our Terms of Service. But yes, you can get a refund of up to 70% of the amount. As progress on your suit continues, this number might decrease, until it's no longer possible to refund when near completion. Please understand an initial 30% can't be refunded, for it is quickly spent into buying the materials for your suit, since it takes weeks or months to arrive.
We can't provide service to underage clients. It is mandatory an adult is in charge of the order during the entire process.
We can't compromise to risks with copyright infringement, but we can accept original characters that you own copyrights of.
Please read our Terms of Service in detail. Payment plans can be offered, but are not mandatory and we can deny them for smaller orders.
This is to be studied, but most times it is not a risk we will take.