At this time we cannot offer fullsuits because our current workshop is a small room, but in the future we plan to offer them and this will be announced on our social networks and on this website.

If you would like to know an approximate price of what your fursuit could cost, you can consult it in the calculator that we have on our quotes/budget page here. That budget will only be valid for that period that we open commissions.


Our heads are 100% handmade using foam as a base. This means that not all our heads are totally identical and we can model a head that resembles more your custom character.

We use follow-me-eyes, these eyes are totally unique and are 3D printed with resin. In addition, we manually paint the eyes to give them more life and we treat them to protect from water and sweat.

Our heads are always lined inside with special materials such as lycra, neoprene or cotton to protect the foam from humidity.


We have two different models of hands, with 4 or 5 fingers, all of them with padding and inner lining.

You also have the option of adding claws to the hands, we make them from two materials, hard (using modeled Fimo) or soft (sewn minky fabric).

For all decisions, it is preferable that you tell us about it in the details section of the quote so we take it into account.


We offer different tail sizes:

  • Small (from 0 to 30cm) for characters with small tails such as lynxes, deer, etc.
  • Medium (from 30cm to 60cm) for characters with standard tails such as wolves, dogs, etc.
  • Large (from 60 to 90cm) for those who like a slightly longer tail, this size has an extra cost of +€100 in the budget.
  • Extra large (+ 90cm) this size has an extra cost of +€150.

For any doubt about the different species or design, let us know in the quote and we will decide what options we have.


Our feetpaws have a base with a sockpaw, so we don't need your size shoes. Anyway, if you want your paws with a shoe inside, must have to advise us in the comment section on the queue.

Our standard feet have outdoor soles (rubber soles) but if you prefer, we can make them indoors (fur soles and beans detail) for an extra +€100.

All of our feet are lined inside.

Arm sleeves

The arm sleeves extend from just over the shoulders to the wrists. They are held together by an elastic band that joins them and prevents them from moving out of place or falling down once you wear them.


The eyelids are an essential element for changing expressions on the fursuit.

Our eyelids are magnetic so you can easily put them on and take them off without damaging your head, we can also recreate various single expressions such as anger, sadness, sleepy, mischievous... Each expression has an extra +€70.